Rock Star Fashion for Men

March 9, 2007 at 1:19 am (celebrity fashion, fashion for men, Fashion Tips, fashion trends for men, Latest Fashion Tips for Men, Male Clothing, man fashion trends, man style, men shirts, men's pants, men's shirts, rock star fashion)

Musicians have always set trends in men’s fashion. A new men’s fashion trend is rapidly emerging in today’s men’s fashions. The current rock star fashion for men is a combination between punk and scene fashions. This male fashion trend has been seen in bars, clubs and even classrooms.

The goal of this men’s fashion trend is to create two distinct looks. The first men’s fashion look is the mellow rock star look. This is what a male rock star would wear if he was simply going out to kick back at a club. The second men’s fashion look has more of a hard edge and is what a male rock star would wear when putting on a rock show. Here is a brief run down of the men’s clothing you will need to pull off this men’s fashion trend:

Men’s Shirts: Patch tees and men’s button down shirts can take a guy from business casual to rocker on the prowl. Men’s shirt brands such as English Laundry, Local Celebrity and Proper English all offer great men’s t-shirt styles.

Men’s Pants/Jeans: Nothing says rocker more than men’s worn jeans. Men’s jeans need to look like they’ve been worn for years to get that perfect rocker look.

Men’s Shoes: For this trend, pick men’s shoes that go with your own personal style. Typically solid dark colored shoes and boots pretty much go with any men’s clothing style.

Men’s Accessories: When you are choosing the colors of your men’s accessories, you don’t want to have an all black look. Go for men’s belts that have a lot of metal. Rock star style belt buckles and metallic belt patterns/textures are at the top of men’s fashion right now. A black wristband finishes the rock star look. Try to find a wristband with a complementing logo to create an extra rock star feel.

Follow these men’s fashion tips, and you’ll be looking and feeling like a rock star in no time!

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